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new John Granville Thynne (Jack to his friends) arrived in the Otter Valley in 1890. His adventurous life introduced him to Bill Miner, Robert Stevenson, Thomas Murphy, Louis Marcotte, and many other well-known locals of the day. Written in the 1930's while he was laid up in a hospital bed, Jack has left us with a treasure trove of stories.
John Granville Thynnes Story (pdf)
John (aka Jack) Thynne photo
Mary Thynne photo
Thynne Ranch photo

new George Gilbert Batstone (1878-1967) arrived at Granite Creek in 1898 to set up mining machinery for the Boston-British Columbia Placer Gold Company. Like so many of the keen, young men arriving in the area, George led a colourful, adventurous life. These memoirs were donated by his Granddaughter, Skip Broderick.
George Batstone - Photo (pdf)
George Batstone - Author Unknown (pdf)
George Gilbert Batstone Article (pdf)
George Gilbert Batstone Obituary (pdf)
Phonograph, Death, Game, Range Article Author likely George Batstone (pdf)

The story of John Dean's adventure in the Granite Creek gold rush of 1886. It is written by Ronald A. Shearer, Emeritus Professor of U.B.C., and is based on Dean's diary. It also contains much detail gleaned from other sources.
John Dean at Granite Creek - one man’s eight-month search for a fortune in the gold rush of 1886. (pdf) [00]

Hugh Hunter came to Granite Creek in January, 1886. He went from being mining recorder to gold commissioner, then other positions in connection with the assessment and taxation of lands.
Memoirs of Hugh Hunter - Notes of conversations, 1930. (pdf) [108]

George Tunstall contributed more than most to the early development of this area.
George Christie Tunstall (.pdf) [00] [00]

Emma Woodward and Foxcrowle Cook married in 1892. The Cook family became prominent and has been in this area ever since.
Emma Woodward-Cook (.pdf) [00] [00]

Catherine Dunn-Parker-Austin was a successful businesswoman, wife, mother to seven children and prospector who came to Granite right at the beginning.
Catherine Dunn-Parker-Austin - A Woman at Granite (.p [00] [00]

Walton Holmes came to Granite when it was only tents. His autobiography is colourful, detailed, and full of adventure.
Memoirs of Walton Hugh Holmes (1852 - 1940) [28]

From adventures in the West Indies, to the China and Australian trade running the occasional "cargo of black labour", "Judge" Murphy eventually ended up in Granite looking for gold.
Notes of conversation with Thomas Herbert Murphy, at Tulame July 18, 1930. [27]

Jessie Renton Olding-Hunter was the second child of farmer, Michael C. Olding (b. ca. 1827) and his wife Mary (b. ca. 1838). She married Hugh Hunter in 1891.
Jessie Renton Olding-Hunter - by Diane Sterne. [00]

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