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new Frenchy Obituary in the (Kamloops) Inland Sentinel June 25, 1913.
Frenchy Obituary Kamloops [00]

new Frenchy Obituary in The Vancouver Sun March 22, 1913.
Frenchy Obituary Vancouver Sun [00]

Chinese Dealings From Princeton Mining Records, 1883 - 1895 (Books 1-3) Transcribed by Diane Sterne.
Chinese miners 1883-1895 (pdf) [00]
Chinese miners 1883-1895 (excel) [00]

Chinese Companies From Princeton Mining Records Books 1-3 (1883-1895) Compiled by Diane Sterne
Chinese Companies 1883-1889 (.pdf) [00] [00]

Regina vs. Ah Ho, larceny. Kamloops Spring Assizes 1888. A Chinese man is charged with theft.
The Ah Ho Larceny Case. (.pdf) [00] [00]

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