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Joe Delprato Cabin


Location of the Delprato Cabin

Who was Joe Delprato?

Photos of the Delprato Cabin

Direction Signs

Delprato Cabin Sign

Front of the Cabin

Cabin in the Fall

Cabin Kitchen
Note the taps. Years after Joe Delprato lived here, a prospector rigged a water system from a pond up the mountain. The pipe broke over time and there is no longer running water in the building.

Cabin Woodstove
This stove was deactivated when a heavy snow load in 2021 broke the chimney. For safety reasons, it was decided not to replace the chimney.


Couch, Desk and Old Chair
The old chair is from the Coalmont Hotel.

Cabin Desk

Behind the Front Door

Loft Ladder

One Side of the Loft

Other Side of the Loft

Door Discovered in Dug Cellar
There is a cellar under the Cabin; however, it is dangerous and inhabited with packrats. This door in the cellar must never be opened. It originally led to an outside door which no longer exists.

This shed was built years after Joe Delprato lived here. It was constructed as a sauna with water stored in a tank in the ceiling. The water was heated with a wood stove. There is no longer water access to the building. On one end of the shed is a sink which did have running water (see the note on the Cabin Kitchen photo). On the back of the outbuilding is an outdoor bathtub. The water for this was heated with the same woodstove as the sauna.

Other End of the Outbuilding


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