The GCPS is a registered society dedicated to preserving the history, site, and memory of Granite Creek, BC. Membership is open to all.


Welcome to The GCPS ARCHIVE. This is your gateway to the biggest on-line repository of historical documents, pictures, and general information relating to the history of Granite Creek British Columbia.


Census returns are a valuable source of information. Granite Creek sprang up in 1885-6 which falls right between the 1881 and 1891 Census. Voters, and other, lists, can help fill in the interim.

CENSUS CANADA 1901: Granite Creek (.pdf) [16] [15]

CENSUS CANADA 1911: Yale #55: Similkameen (.xls) [17] [15]

Links to CENSUS CANADA transcriptions for 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911, 1921 [15]

Voters List - 1898 Granite Creek (.pdf) [00] [00]

Prospectors of Granite Creek from 1885 to 1895. Notes on list. (pdf) [107]

Prospectors of Granite Creek from 1885 to 1895. List compiled from mining reports. (pdf) [107]

Princeton Mining Records.

new Princeton Mining Records - Book One
new Princeton Mining Records - Book Two (labelled book 4)
new Princeton Mining Records - Book Three
new Princeton Mining Records - Book Four

Government reports on gold yields.

Minfile placer report for Granite Creek property - 1885-1915 (.pdf) [20]

Granite Creek gold production report - 1885-1945 (.pdf) [23]

BC Sessional Papers are available in image form only. They are unwieldy and difficult to search. Here is an excerpt.

Report on Waggon Roads - BC Sessional Papers 1886 - Granite excerpt (.txt) [21]


Granite Creek Postmasters (.pdf) [24]

Granite Creek was listed in BC Gazettes and Directories up until 1948. The large file contains unsearchable images, but you can get the most pertinent excerpts in the "observations" file.

Granite Creek Listings in Directories and Gazettes (.pdf) Warning: 12.4MB [25]

Granite Creek in Directories and Gazettes - Some Observations [26]

The GCPS is in possession of land title files from the years 1907 to 1958. Most of this material does not contain much of interest. However, there are pictures of the houses and descriptions of the four men who lived there in 1953 - the so called "Four Bills". For a synopsis, comments file.

Granite Creek land title files, 1907-1958. Some comments. (pdf) [106]

Granite Creek land title files, excerpts from 1922-1953. Describes residents in 1953. (3.9MB pdf) [106]

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