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The town of Granite Creek experienced a slow and very long decline. After the early 1940s, when the bridge was removed and through traffic ceased, it was definately getting close to being a ghost town. Nevertheless, in 1953 there were at least 4 inhabited residences, and in the years following, the odd person still took up residence there.

The pictures below were taken in July of 1970 by Don Winslow. They are copyrighted, and are not to be reproduced or reposted to other web pages or newsgroups without permission but you can find the originals, and many other interesting photos, on his web site. The ghost town was already quite degraded by the time Mr. Winslow arrived, but it is interesting to see what was left. These structures were all built after the fire of 1907. Click on image to see whole frame. Mouse-over to see description.

Block A Lot 4 Behind Block B Block C Lot 5 Block C Lots 5, 3, and 2 Store and Brothel Block C Lot 2 Store and Brothel Lot 2 Block C Below:
The picture on the left is from the Swan claim. It is not part of the Granite Creek townsite, but is an important and related piece of history. On the right is an unidentified cabin from the town. Swan Claim Unidentified Cabin in townsite

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